The Major Numbers of Numerology and How to Use Them.

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Published: 22nd October 2012
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The study of numerology compatibility can give us information that will help us in developing one of the most important parts of our lives, the cultivation and enhancement of our relationships. And not only the interactions with our chosen life partners, but also with our family, friends and work acquaintances.

There are 4 major numerological numbers that are analyzed in a reading: the life path, life expression, soul motivation and karmic number. If you want to get a full understanding of yourself and a rich, worthwhile and lively relationship you must use the information provided by all of these numbers; as each will provide you with valuable insight into the many faceted realm of the human psyche. In addition, these numbers and their meanings act on each other in the creation of your experiences.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these numbers and how they could be utilized in shaping your relationships.

• The life path number: This number, the total of your full birth date, gives you an look into the range of your capabilities and restricting influences at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, when you first come into the world. These may have swayed your passage through life resulting in your present position. These same persuasive tendencies may continue to mold your future depending on how you use the particular positive and negative aspects of them. Bear in mind that these aptitudes and limitations will have been modified by the remaining three numbers and their effects. In respect of relationships, the persuasive tendencies of your life path number can be realized from both the standpoint that you and your partner are moving in a similar way along your life paths and also in a complimentary manner in which you both lend a hand to each other to surmount your limitations. Therefore the effect of having the life path reading and working with each other, using it to improve each other’s development, is very rewarding to you; both from an individual point of view and at the relationship level.

• The life expression number: Calculated from the letters that make up your entire birth name, the life expression number informs you of the talents and personal powers you will be able to draw from during your life, and further explains who you could be and what you could accomplish in your lifetime. Becoming aware of the traits laid bare by your life expression reading could call to mind deep down needs and personal callings that you may have moved away from or had to leave aside because of family, financial or career obligations. To actually develop a deep and meaningful relationship with your chosen life partner it is crucial that you learn about and identify with the meanings that you and your partner hold for the realization of your life expression. Once more it is not necessary that you both have identical life expression influences but it is more worthwhile that you have similar views and needs for your expression and that you support each other in the achievement of your desires and imaginings.

• The soul motivation number: The number for which is ascertained by isolating the vowels within your full birth name and summing their numerical values, the soul motivation number gives the moral and ethical evaluation of what you stand for, the core of your being and individuality as a human being. This is an intensely spiritual evaluation that can lead you on the way to total success in your life and the urges uncovered by this analysis are best kept for your most intimate and loving relationships. The sharing of your soul urge in life will make available to you both an extremely strong driving force that can produce a very rich and fulfilling life together, however, if used in the wrong way it can bring about a dark and destructive life of emptiness for one or both members of the relationship.

• The karmic number: This number is obtained by isolating and summing the assigned values for the consonants in your whole birth name. The analysis of this number can expose your secret fears, hopes and daydreams that you may have underlying your psyche at a deeply hidden level. These are often thoughts and feelings that are behaving like concealed puppet strings shoving and dragging you along paths that you need to adjust or accept. As with the soul motivation number the insights revealed by exploring your karmic number should be shared only with those that you have the most private relationships with. By sharing the insights from this reading you can honestly help out each other and realize a deep and intimate binding of your spirits.

I will end this commentary with 3 very important aspects that you must abide by when using the learnings from your analyses:

1) Always approach and use numerology compatibility and astrology readings with way of thinking that you will take personal ownership and responsibility for how you use the findings for developing your personality and interactions with others, especially those most dear to you.

2) Many people who seek advice from the stars or numerology, do so in the hope that these techniques will supply them with easy answers to their troubles and show them how to lead their lives. This is a poor approach and, often results in these people having their lives manipulated by the interpretations given because they take them too literally. Remember the answers provided by your analyses are not fixed, but merely propensities. How you use them and how you allow them to guide or manipulate you is reliant on you.

3) It is strongly suggested that you obtain a reading from an experienced numerologist so that the variety of expressions of the numbers can be related to each other and then placed into the framework of your life as it has unfolded.

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